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Stella McCartney Launches Debut Mens Collection

Stella held a star studded event last Thursday night at the famous Abbey Road music studios in London to launch her first ever mens line.

The collection is made up of pyjama-like shirts and shorts combo's and oversized outerwear. Stella puts a twist on the classic suit with patterned detailing and loungewear is given a fashion upgrade.

Speaking after the presentation, the designer talked about how she felt now was the right time to introduce menswear to her portfolio following mans years of successful womenswear.

She also mentioned that her dad had provided lots of inspiration for the collection and when asked if he would be wearing the new line Stella responded, "He better be..".

Discover Stella McCartney menswear in stores from early 2017.



News taken from Reuters

Reporting by Marie-Louise Gumuchian and Jane Witherspoon