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CHANEL presents its 13th collection "Métiers d'Arts"

On Tuesday 6th December, the Maison de couture CHANEL presented its "Métiers d'Art" collection. 2016 is the year of the 13th Métiers d’Art show, honouring the fine craftsmanship that its artisan partners bring to the house’s collections.

Karl Lagerfeld returned to the favourite address of Coco Chanel to present the show – the mythical Ritz Hotel, the Parisian palace which has recently undergone extensive renovations, and where the founder of the label lived until the end of her life. The Ritz is one of the great symbols of French style, elegance, history and craftsmanship; from the decadent and opulent decoration to the world-class service. “It is really a place of cosmopolitan elegance", explains Karl Lagerfeld.

Among the models displaying the exceptional creations were well known friends of the brand including; Pharrell Williams, Lily-Rose Depp and Cara Delevingne.

The actress and muse of CHANEL, Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, opened the show.

CHANEL is unique in safeguarding the great craftsmen that have long been such a vital part of producing haute couture; their craft and skill goes back centuries and would certainly have disappeared without the support of the house of CHANEL.

Each of the craftsman which work with CHANEL have unique skills that perfectly demonstrate refinement, savoir-faire and sheer genius. Examples include Lesage, the exceptional embroider, Desrues, creators of exquisite costume jewellery and accessories, responsible for creating the first buttons for Gabrielle Chanel and finally; Lemarié, the Parisian fashion institution that creates the iconic Camelia flowers frequently seen in CHANEL designs.

Back at the Ritz, chic models showed off tweed suits with jackets fitted at the waist and decorated with braiding, beadwork, and roses. The jackets are worn over tunics and long gowns. Trouser suits and tuxedos in tweed or gold sequins, long coats with bias-cut skirts and broad collars, capes, and quilted jackets are presented in a wide range of fabrics from denim to cashmere. All are showpieces that are beautifully enhanced by the work of these talented artisans.