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Richard Mille

Richard Mille’s watches, are designed specifically for those with a keen appreciation and love of fine watchmaking.

A watch designed by Richard Mille is marked by the absence of the superfluous. Just as we find in the high-speed racing cars of today, function dictates form and there is no use and no room for an approach driven solely by aesthetics.

For Richard Mille, every screw, every pinion, lever and spring must fulfil its mission, meeting the highest standards of security and precision, exactly like a racing car; this notion is manifested not only visually but also throughout every design choice and every phase of the watch’s production.

Even the famous spline screws used throughout the watch’s movement and highly visible on the watch case exterior are the result of months of development and investment.

There are virtually no standard pieces in a Richard Mille wristwatch; the concept defines the components, the components do not define the watch.

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Richard Mille

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