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H. Stern

An International Star – Behind the rising brand was Hans Stern, a young German émigré, and a 'carioca' at heart.

At the beginning of the 1950s, a small Brazilian jewellery company was making a name for itself in international circles. Behind the rising brand was Hans Stern, a young German émigré, and a 'carioca' at heart. Several years earlier, in 1945, aged 22, he had founded a small gemstone trading business in Rio de Janeiro – the beginning of this success story.

Throughout more than 50 years, H.Stern has solidified its prestigious image in Brazil and abroad. In 1964, while Hans was preparing to cross the Atlantic to expand his business in Europe and the Middle East, Time magazine called him "the king of diamonds and coloured gems, capable of unveiling the personality hidden in every precious stone". Years later, the brand has become synonymous with beauty and good taste, be it in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Rio, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, or anywhere in the world.

Today, H.Stern jewels are often seen adorning the famous necks and wrists of national and international celebrities. What could be more appropriate for the jeweller whose German surname translates into English as ‘star’?


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