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Pay In Your Own Currency

Premier DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), allows you to pay for purchases in your own currency when using a Visa or MasterCard, rather than the local currency of your shopping destination.

Benefits of Premier DCC:

The transaction will be converted to your own currency automatically, allowing you to budget and make value judgements.

You will be able to see the exact amount that will appear on your statement, so there are no surprises later.

The transaction will be locked in your currency, so it isn’t influenced by any currency fluctuations.

You will benefit from advantageous exchange rates.

pay in your own currency

How it works:

1. When paying for your purchases with a Visa or MasterCard, the stores payment terminal will automatically offer you to pay in your own currency or the stores local currency, displaying both total purchase amounts and the exchange rate on the screen.

2. Simply select to pay in your own currency, and the transaction will be processed. The amount you’ve selected to pay will be exactly what appears on your bank statement.

How Premier DCC works

Why Premier DCC


Premier DCC is trusted, tested, reliable and available in hundreds of stores across the world.

Premier Best Rate

Premier DCC exchange rates are updated daily and are always extremely competitive with the rates offered by credit card issuers. In the unlikely event that your credit card issuer was offering a better exchange rate, we will refund you 150% the difference with Premier Best Rate.

Premier Best Rate is only offered in selected merchants and terms and conditions apply, see here for more details.