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How to shop Tax Free in the United Kingdom

Currency: GBP
VAT rates: Standard 20%.
Eligible for VAT refunds: Non-EU residents.
Minimum spend: 25 GBP 
Customs Approval: To be obtained within three months after the month of purchase.

If you are purchasing goods in the UK for personal export, ask in store for a Premier Tax Free form. Complete the form, have it signed by a store employee and attach the original purchase receipts to it.

See: How to fill in the Tax Free form in the United Kingdom

Then choose how to get your refund. 

Choose how to get your refund

You can choose the refund option that best suits your needs and travel schedule. The final refund will consist of the VAT total, minus an administration fee. In some cases, a cash refund fee may apply.

Get cash at a City refund point

Available for a minimum spend of 135 GBP and a maximum of 1,000 GBP (3,000 GBP at Bicester Village). 

Present your Tax Free form, purchase receipt and valid Visa, MasterCard or Amex at a City refund point in the United Kingdom and get your refund in cash (a cash fee may apply). Then get your Tax Free form export validated and return it to Premier Tax Free within 21 days (use the prepaid envelope if available). Failure to return your Customs Approved Tax Free form to Premier Tax Free within 21 days will result in a charge to your credit card of the full VAT amount.

Get cash at an International refund point

Get your Tax Free form Customs Approved, then present it, together with the original purchase receipts, at an International refund point and get your refund in cash (a cash fee may apply).

Get the refund onto your credit card

Once your Tax Free form has been Customs Approved, make sure the number of a valid credit card is written on it (this can also be a UnionPay Credit or Debit Card), then send the form, together with the original purchase receipts, back to Premier Tax Free (use the prepaid envelope if available). Once we have received your Customs Approved Tax Free form, your refund will be credited to your card.

Get Customs Approval

Tax Free forms must be filled in and always Customs Approved within three months after the month of purchase (or within 21 days from the day of refund if you got an immediate refund in store or at a city refund point).

At the airport, please allow enough time for the Customs Approval process before your flight departs.

If you are exporting jewellery, watches, mobile phones, photographic and video equipment, computer equipment, electrical items, fur, ivory and reptile skin goods, you will be required to take these and the related Tax Free forms airside for export validation.

If you are leaving the EU from London Heathrow Airport, present your Tax Free forms to one of the Travelex VAT refund desks (before check-in). Have your passport, purchased goods and flight ticket with you for possible inspection; make sure the goods are sealed and unused. Travelex will export validate your Tax Free forms on behalf of Customs. At the Travelex VAT refund desks you can also get your refund in cash (a cash fee may apply).

If you are leaving the EU from a UK airport outside of Heathrow, you will need to get the export validation at Customs. Customs is well signposted at all airports, land borders and ports.

In smaller UK airports, there may be no Customs official present, in this case look for the Customs / HMRC deposit box and instructions.

If you are departing a UK airport but changing flights at another EU airport, and if the goods you are exporting are to be checked through to a destination outside the EU, go to Customs at the UK airport and your Tax Free form will be export validated as if you were at the EU departure point.