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How to find your barcode

How to shop Tax Free in Italy

  1. Go shopping and get your Tax Free form
  2. Get your Tax Free form Customs approved
  3. Return your Tax Free form to Premier Tax Free and get your refund

Euro (€)

VAT rate:
Standard 22%, food 10%, books and vision lenses 4%.

Shoppers eligible for VAT  / Sales Tax refunds
Non-EU residents.

Minimum spend
154.94 Euro

Where to get Customs approval:
Last EU departure point.

Time limit for Customs approval
90 days after the month of purchase.

Required for Customs approval:

  • Fully Completed Tax Free form
  • Purchased goods
  • Passport
  • Travel Documents

Refund options available:

  • City Cash* – You must return your Customs approved Tax Free form to Premier Tax Free within 21 days of purchase
  • Airport Cash*
  • Credit Card (including UnionPay credit or debit card)
  • Cheque
  • Alipay

*A cash fee will apply


  • If you receive a City Cash refund in your shopping destination, you must get your Tax Free form approved by Customs and return it to Premier Tax Free within 21 days or your credit card used for guarantee will get charged.
  • At the airport, please allow enough time for Customs approval process before your flight departs.
  • Make sure the goods are sealed and unused.
  • If you are leaving the EU from Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3 or Milan Malpensa Airport Terminal 1, for Premier Tax Free issued in Italy, you will receive the export validation directly from Premier Tax Free refund points. If the goods to be exported are:
    • n the hold luggage, go the landside located Premier Tax Free points ( Rome Fiumicino Terminal 3, ground floor near check-in desk 322 or Milan Malpensa Airport Terminal 1, 2nd floor Area 12), thereafter go to check in your hold luggage.
    • in the hand luggage, after check-in go to our refund desk located in the area airside (Rome Fiumicino Airport Terminal 3 Gate C-D, Milan Malpensa Airport Departures B first floor) .
  • If you are departing from an Italian airport but changing flights at another EU airport, if the goods to be exported are:
    • in the hold luggage, please get the confirmation from the Italian Customs Office at the airport
    • in the hand luggage, Customs confirmation must be obtained at the last EU airport of your flight.