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How to find your barcode
How to find your barcode

How to shop Tax Free in 4 steps

Go Shopping and request your Tax Free form
Visit our Brands page to find eligible stores and plan your shopping itinerary.
Customs Approval
Find your nearest Customs approval point. Prior to check-in present your fully completed Tax Free form together with your travel documents and purchased goods to Customs to obtain Customs approval.
Return your tax Free form
Return your fully completed, Customs approved Tax Free form, with your refund credit card details to Premier Tax Free using the envelope provided. Please note if you have received an in-store or city centre refund, to avoid charges and a penalty you must return your export-validated Tax Free form to us within the specified time period.  If you are unsure what this is, please check the local rules. For more information, please visit our FAQs section.   
Track your refund
Track the status of your refund
Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Local Tax Free Shopping Rules

In most countries, non-residents can claim VAT back for goods they export. Rules that regulate the Tax Free shopping process may vary from country to country. Select your Tax Free shopping destination below and find out how this works.

Refund Options
Premier Tax Free offers a variety of refund methods. To find out more visit our Refund Options page.