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In order to be eligible for Tax Free Shopping (a VAT refund), you must permanently reside outside the country in which you are making your purchases. If you are shopping within the EU, you must permanently reside outside of the EU.
You must also spend a minimum amount in one store on the same day. These rules vary from country to country. See Local Refund Rules.

Foreign students can only shop Tax Free within the last months of their studies before they head home permanently. This time period differs from country to country and is the same time period specified for export validation. See local rules.

All taxable goods that are exported in your personal baggage. Goods should be sealed and unused. See Local Refund Rules for a list of goods that are exempt in each country.

Look for stores displaying the Premier Tax Free sign or ask in-store whether they offer the Premier Tax Free services.
Please also see our 'brand directory'.

Yes. If you want a VAT refund, you must get a Tax Free form from the retailer that sold you the goods. This Tax Free form needs to be fully completed and export validated before you can get a refund.

Yes. In most cases, the Tax Free form must be fully completed in-store. At the very least, this form MUST be fully completed before you request export validation.

All Tax Free forms must be export validated to qualify for a refund. In most cases, this is a Customs stamp. The relevant Customs officials or airport agents need to check that you are eligible and meet all of the requirements to get a VAT refund.

You will need to present your Tax Free form, passport and travel documents. Some countries require that you attached your receipts to the Tax Free form. You may also be asked to present your goods. 

If you have made your purchases in the EU, you get export validation from Customs at your last point of departure from the EU. For any other countries, this is when you finally depart.

Customs is well signposted at all airports, land borders or ports.

Please refer to the list of validation points, here, if you are unsure.

Yes. Without export validation (a Customs stamp), you cannot get a refund.

Customs request that all goods are sealed and unused. If they check your goods, they may refuse to export validate your Tax Free form if they see that goods have been used. 

Generally, no. You must have your goods on you, ready to present to Customs on request for export validation. If you are required to present your boarding cards, you can check-in but you must not drop your bags off until after export validation.

In some countries, you MUST check-in before export validation. In these cases, you must ask check-in staff to label your luggage and return it to you. Once Customs have inspected your purchases and validated your Tax Free forms, they will organise for your luggage to be transferred to the airplane.

Any high-value goods should be carried in your hand luggage and you should receive export validation after security. 

The refund methods differ from country to country, please check the local rules for the country where you made your purchases.

Yes, Premier Tax Free applies an administration fee per Tax Free form. Your refund corresponds to the full amount of VAT minus an administration fee.

Yes. In most airports, a separate charge will be made by the airport agent providing the cash refund service.

We process your refund within 30 days of receiving your original export-validated Tax Free form. Due to credit card procedures put in place by credit card companies, refunds generally appear on your bank statement in the month following the transfer of your refund amount from Premier Tax Free to your bank. If you do not receive your refund two months after posting the form back to us, we advise you to contact us as there may have been a problem with your Tax Free form.

The sales assistant in-store will provide you with a stamped pre-addressed Premier Tax Free envelope. You can send your Tax Free form for free in this prepaid envelope within the country of purchase, however, Tax Free forms posted from outside the country of purchase may require additional postage.


If you did not get a pre-paid envelope, please post your Tax Free form back to the country office of the country of purchase. Please see a full list here.

Your refund will appear on your credit card statement as "Premier Tax Free Refund". In most cases, the refund amount will appear in the currency of your credit card; for example, if you have a US credit card, it will appear in US dollars.

If you received an immediate cash refund and do not return your export-validated Tax Free form to us within the specified time period, we charge the credit card you gave as a guarantee for the agreed amount. These charges can be avoided by making sure you return the export-validated Tax Free form to us within the specified time period. If you are unsure what this is, please check the local rules, here, for the country where you got the immediate cash refund.

If you did not get a cash refund and plan to post your Tax Free form back to us for another refund method, there may be a time limit to return the export-validated Tax Free form to us to get your refund. This differs from country to country, please check the local rules, here, for the country where you purchased the goods.

We always advise you post your Tax Free forms back to Premier Tax Free straight after or as soon after export validation as possible.

Yes, once you have mailed your Tax Free form it is still possible to change your refund choice - if it has not been processed. To change your refund option please contact the Premier Tax Free office in the country where you made the purchases ASAP.



The person who presents their ID and signs the form in-store must be the one exporting goods. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the person who pays for the goods.

Hand Baggage: Goods carried as hand baggage and Tax Free forms much be produced to Customs at the final transfer, the last point of departure before you leave the EU.

Hold Baggage: If you are leaving from one EU airport but changing flights (in transit) at another EU airport and the goods you are exporting are checked through to your final destination outside the EU, go to Customs at country where you check-in your bags your Tax Free form will be export-validated as if that were your last EU departure point. If you collect your bags in-between transit, then you must go to Customs at your last point of departure in the EU where you finally check-in your bags.

You can check the status of your refund by using 'track my refund' service here.
Please make sure you fill in all of the requested information.