Processing solutions

Premier Tax Free prides itself on having the best processing in the industry. All stages of the tax free shopping process (issuing, validating, refunding and storing) are expertly managed and monitored by Premier Tax Free, bringing simplicity, efficiency and compliance to our partner merchants. We take the hassle out of a very complex area. Our reliable and fast data processing and data transfer means quicker refunds to international shoppers and real-time shopper reporting can be delivered to merchants.


  • Data transfer is fast and reliable.
  • High quality of the processed and stored data.
  • Refund agents can refund Premier Tax Free forms in a much easier way and in every part of the world, no matter where the tax free form was issued.
  • All refund agents are directly connected to Premier Refund for each processed form.
  • Statistical reporting is very detailed, precise and available on real time at any time.
  • All data is electronically collected and reports are regularly delivered to the merchants.
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Once the forms have been processed and refunded, we store them, on behalf of our partner merchants and for the legal required period, in a digital warehouse and make them available to the authorities in case of inspections.