Premier Connect

Premier Connect combines card payment (including Union Pay), DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), Tax Free shopping and Gift card on one single terminal which is connected to the EPOS system. With our exclusive international payments network, Merchants can benefit from a pan-European, fully PCI-compliant payment solution, guaranteeing efficiency and consistency throughout all stores across Europe. This solution connects the terminal and EPOS and safeguards against any keying errors. This ensures fast and accurate end-of-day and head office reconciliation. All card payments are also checked for eligibility for both Tax Free shopping and DCC, ensuring no revenue opportunities are missed.


  • POS and EPOS are connected
  • Operates on payment terminal
  • Intelligent Tax Free eligibility detection for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Union Pay card payments
  • Prints Tax Free forms from payment terminal
  • Electronic Tax Free form capture
  • Descriptions of purchased item automatically printed on the Tax Free form
  • Ability to link payment, store invoice and Tax Free form data and DCC payment
  • Ability to track Shoppers using tokenisation
  • Ability to consolidate acquirer relationships
  • Analytics and reports
premier tax free issuing solutions premier connect


  • All card payments inspected for Tax Free and DCC eligibility
  • Highest Tax Free and DCC issue rate attainable
  • Capture 100% of DCC and Tax Free transactions
  • Faster processing and detailed statistics
  • Facilitates export validation with clear product descriptions
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Possible reduction in acquirer relationships
  • Quality rich data analytic set
  • Information on shopping behaviour, track shopping journeys
  • Lower card processing fees due to consolidation
  • Ability to consolidate acquirers


  • Acquirer agreement or Fintrax partner bank 
  • Access to purchase receipt EPOS data 
  • Integration with Fintrax payment system on pan-European basis 
  • Terminal and EPOS integration with Fintrax back office feeds and tokenisation 
premier tax free issuing solutions premier connect flowchart