DCC for Merchants

A Premier Tax Free issuing solution (Premier Automatic or Premier Connect) or payment terminal equipped with our Premier DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) solution allows your international Shoppers paying by Visa or MasterCard to pay in their billing currency, while you continue to be settled in your local currency. Using credit card recognition, Premier DCC automatically identifies international cards and their associated currencies; Shoppers pay in their home currency with a competitive fixed rate, while Merchants are still settled in the local currency, providing the highest level of convenience for both parties. 

Premier DCC has been licensed throughout the world and guarantees all customers are provided with a trusted, tested and patented solution. Contact us to learn more

Dynamic currency conversion for merchants

Benefits for merchants

  • Tangible improvement in your customer service.
  • Your customers feel more secure and confident when purchasing.
  • Enhanced POS service: precious buying time is not wasted calculating home currency prices. Retailers can provide ‘real-time’ conversion for their foreign customers.
  • Lower costs: reduced Merchant charges from your bank.
  • Extra revenue stream: We pay you a DCC commission.
  • Training and support: Staff training is provided by our technical specialists on your premises. As the system is very easy to use, training does not take up the valuable sales time of your staff. We also provide a customer support line for Merchant queries.

Fintrax patents and guarantees

Fintrax has patented a unique process for an efficient DCC system. This system was patented in 1999 and officially granted in 2001 by The European Patent Office. Fintrax has been certified as PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry Security Standard) to the highest security level PCI-DSS (Level 1).

Best rate guarantee

We guarantee the best exchange rate for international credit card payments. If customers choose to pay in their own (billing) currency with Visa or MasterCard, we guarantee they will get the best exchange rate, ensuring they use our Dynamic Currency Conversion solution with confidence and peace of mind. If international Shoppers can prove they paid more by paying in their home currency using a Fintrax rate of exchange, we will refund them 150% of the difference. 


Offering your international shoppers the choice to pay in their own currency is a hugely advantageous service for both you and your shoppers, however, we understand that merchants must have the tools and knowledge to communicate this in the right way.

Premier Tax Free provides all merchants with Premier Training and supporting materials on Premier DCC, which now includes an Online Training Portal. 

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