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Your International Shopping Partner

Premier Tax Free is changing. Fintrax Group, the holding company of Premier Tax Free, is undergoing a rebrand, bringing all owned companies together as one brand: Planet.

Premier Tax Free is the international traveller’s preferred choice of Tax refund provider, delivering millions in Tax refunds every day to shoppers in over 58 countries. 

Established in 1985, Premier Tax Free has a wealth of knowledge in supporting shoppers throughout the VAT refund process. From pre-travel advice to destination shopping guides; providing local expertise and a Premier customer service experience. 

A truly international organisation, supporting over 150,000 retailers, from luxury designer brands such as CHANEL, Gucci and Dior to high-street favourites, such as Marks & Spencer’s and Topshop. As well as large well-known brands, you can also claim your Tax refund from independent boutique partners in hundreds of locations around the world. 

Tax Free shopping is available throughout Europe for non-EU nationals and Premier Tax Free provides you with reliable Tax refund on behalf of the local governments. Also available in Singapore, Norway and Switzerland where all non-nationals can shop and claim. 

Claiming your refund could not be easier; with multiple options for how you receive your money and a network of over 600 refund locations, visit the ‘How To’ section of our website to discover the four simple steps for processing your claim.

Your Pass to Tax Free Shopping
Download the Premier Tax Free app and sign up to Premier Pass to receive your unique Tax Free shopping ID, allowing you to avoid manual completion of Tax Free forms and recording your voucher numbers for seamless refund tracking. 
The new app will assist you by locating eligible stores, Customs approval points, refund points, and allowing you to track the status of your refunds – wherever you are in the world.  

Your Premier Pass ID will store your details and Tax Free shopping preferences, saving you time and effort when completing your Tax Free forms. Simply download from the Apple Store or Google Play store today and present your Premier Pass in-store.